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After one of the Amatsu treatments I had with Susana I had my head in silence. It happened all of a sudden, the same way the tinnitus had originally appeared. The next day the ringing started again, but this time it was less intenset. From then on, the tinnitus has been like a wave that increases and decreases. It never totally disappeared again but it it never masked my ears completely again

Elena has been living with tinnitus for 30 years

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Execise injury...

I was very interested to experience Amatsu as I had no experience of complementary or eastern therapies. As a doctor I work in the area of conventional medicine but am aware of a large number of friends and patients who have excellent experience with various alternative therapies.The therapy was very gentle and relaxing.

On my initial assessment, I remember that we identified a particular problem in my left ankle which I believed had been caused my relatively new interest in jogging as exercise . I found that following the therapy that my ankle felt much looser and there was no pain on running the days after treatment.

Susana was welcoming, excellent at putting her clients at their ease and professional at all times.

J Balfe, Medical Doctor

Sports injuries...

I used to suffer from a sharp and strong hip pain. The origin of the pain was unknown, could be an old sport injury or inappropriate posture.I have never heard about Amatsu before but I had my trust in Susana and also received a full description from her…. During the treatment I experienced a very gentle and soft technique which didn’t cause me any pain or uncomfortable feeling.....I could easily fall asleep. She made a general health check from head to toe and started to work on the weak areas. After the treatments I felt a bit tired and the pain was a bit more intense but it only lasted a few hours. A couple of treatments with Susana and the pain completely disappeared.

 Julia, childcare services

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Clients feel relaxed, and look forward to the next session...

I attended three sessions with Susana. Her approach was professional, informed and thorough. She took a full medical history at our first session and built on that in the two subsequent sessions. After my sessions (all evening ones) I slept incredibly well and felt relaxed. I hope to return for another session soon.

Christine, teacher

Muscle and joint pain during pregnancy...

I sought out Amatsu treatments in my second trimester of pregnancy. On each of my three pregnancies I suffered from very painful sciatica, which left it difficult for me to walk or even sit sometimes. After the first treatment I felt a huge improvement and was able to function as usual, but by the third session the pain was completely gone keeping like this forthe rest of my pregnancy. I found Susana's approach to my pregnancy very relaxing and comforting; the work she did it also allowed more movement for the baby.

Catherine, full-time mum


At first I was a bit dubious if this could be of help for repeated migraines I had been having for years. After a few sessions I felt a very positive change as my body started to correct itself, provoked by the gentle working of the practitioner. Susana made me aware of lots of things that have helped immensely…. My work has me in South America and unfortunately I haven't found any Amatsu practitioner  here yet. It would be my first choice of therapy.

Stephen, minister

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Post-surgery recovery care...

It always felt like my blood circulation was at its clearest and most natural flow. The treatments also have been a great help to me both before my hysterectomy operation, and after. It has helped my body in my recovery, especially with anatomy alignment and the balance of the body subtle energy.

 Christina, Montessori teacher and yoga instructor

Rotator cuff injuries...

I had an old injury to my left shoulder, which gave me constant migraines, I had three sessions of Amatsu with Susana and I have been pain free since, and the range of mobility in my shoulder has increased significantly. I had previously been to see physiotherapists, chiropractors and doctors, but nothing worked.

Mary, pilates, yoga and fitness teacher

Lower Back pain...

I booked Amatsu treatments for a lower back problem which was restricting me greatly and causing a lot of pain. I had the problem for a long time before finding Susana and her Amatsu treatments. After the very first treatment I felt an improvement, and subsequent treatments, four in all, made such a difference that I could work pain-free again and had lots more flexibility. Also I loved the gentleness of treatment.

Elma, Applied Kinesiology Practitioner and Instructor

An added benefit...

I broke my leg 11 years ago and since then have had some problems with my alignment. I still had pain in that foot and sometimes a tightness in my lower back hip area. My other leg would always crack at the ankle.

Even after one treatment I could feel the change in my body. The lower back area felt much better and the ankle reduced to hardly any cracking. The foot pain is very much diminished and I  hope by maintaining good alignment this will heal also.

Being a Tai Chi and Qigong teacher  I was able to sense the change this re alignment made to my energy systems, which is an added benefit.

I would recommend Susana as a gifted and talented practitioner,

Linda, Tai Chi and Chi Gong teacher

Ayurvedic- Indian Head Massage before work...

I enjoy this type of head massage. I usually have it just at the onset of my most stressful day of the week.

After the massage I feel relaxed and ready to handle all the stress of the day. Susana is very present and I feel very safe with her. Thank you Susana.

Dana, Phychotherapist

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